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Fashion DIYChic Belt Upgrades: DIY Embellished Belts for Statement Looks

Chic Belt Upgrades: DIY Embellished Belts for Statement Looks

We all have those basic belts that we love to wear, but are you looking for that one-of-a-kind belt to upgrade your outfit? Have you ever thought about adding some creative DIY embellishments to your belts to create a unique, statement look? If so, this article is the perfect read for you!
Chic Belt Upgrades: DIY Embellished Belts for Statement Looks

1. Elevate Your Look with Easy DIY Embellished Belts

Turn Plain Belts into Fabulous

Is your wardrobe in need of a boost? Instead of going out and buying a whole new outfit, add a personal touch with an original belt of your own design. Making your own embellished belt is fast, easy, and requires minimal supplies.

  • Updating an old belt is as simple as taking a rhinestone brooch, gluing the brooch onto the belt with hot glue, and ta-da! You have a unique embellished belt.
  • Embroidery thread, needle, and scissors are all you need to create a braided belt. Cut pieces of embroidery thread in different colors to obtain a vibrant rainbow effect. Braid as you would a regular 3 strand braid and secure each end with a knot.
  • Felt scraps, fabric glue, and a hot glue gun are the only materials necessary to adorn a belt with cute shapes. Cut designes out of felt, glue them together, let dry, and attach the shapes to the belt with a glue gun.

Be creative and add a bit of sparkle to your look with an embellished belt. All it takes is a few simple steps and your inner fashionista can easily shine through. So grab your supplies and start crafting an amazing belt today!

2. Crafting the Perfect Statement Belt from Everyday Fellows

Make your Statement

Statement belts are an easy way to make a timeless fashion statement. With the right combination of colors, textures, and styles from Everyday Fellows, you can create something classic and unique that you’ll love to wear.

Maximizing your Choices

Search through the available styles to discover silhouettes that blend with your personal style. For a classic feel, pick a style with an old-fashioned buckle paired with calming colors and materials. You can choose from smooth or textured leathers, exotic or classic, and adapt the look to match sophisticated or edgy elements of your wardrobe.

Take it Further

To make your statement belt stand out, personalize it further. Play around with the colors and switch it up. Give your statement belt a modern twist with silver buckles or a splash of bright colors to make the look more modern. You can choose from elastic belts to make your belt fit like a glove or metal features to boost the casual look.

Break conventions and combine the textures and fabrics for an unexpected combination. Finish the look with a zing of studs and bolts for a contemporary aesthetic.

3. Transforming Wardrobe Basics with Unique Accessories

Wardrobe basics are key pieces that make up a foundational closet. They’re timeless pieces that are versatile enough to transition easily in to different seasons and occasions. Combining unique accessories with wardrobe basics is an excellent way to give your look something special without the hassle of finding and replacing each item.

Adding statement pieces with a pop of color or unique material can take a basic piece from drab to fab in no time at all. Whether you have a pair of jeans, a simple dress or a plain blouse, you can use accessories to create an entirely new look.

  • Scarves
    • Tie a brightly colored scarf around the neck of a plain sweater for visual interest.
    • Choose a patterned silk scarf to add texture and glamour to a work shirt.
    • Double up for a more dramatic look with two skinny scarves.
  • Jewelry
    • Wear an unexpected necklace to draw attention to an otherwise basic top.
    • Layer multiple bracelets or a stack of rings in contrasting materials.
    • Opt for a pair of earrings with a bold shape for a directional look.
  • Hats
    • Choose a cool fedora to add interest to a simple dress.
    • Style a baseball cap with a tucked-in shirt for casual-weekend chic.
    • Pair a beret with wide-leg trousers for a timeless French-girl look.

You can use accessories to instantly enhance wardrobe basics and create timeless looks you’ll come back to again and again. So don’t shy away from stocking up on scarves, jewelry, and hats; these small items can make your wardrobe basics feel anything but basic.

Once you upgrade your look with these chic belt DIYs, you’ll be left feeling confident and fabulous. So go ahead and make your statement look stand out with a unique creative belt upgrade that reflects your personal style.


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